Yellow Crane Tower
Located on Snake Hill (Sheshan), the Yellow Crane Tower is a five-tiered tower originally built in the third century AD (223 AD) and rebuilt many times since. The tower has been the subject of more than a thousand Chinese poems. On the grounds are gardens, ponds, pagodas, a giant bell and inscriptions, which provide an aire of natural beauty in this urban setting.
Yellow Crane Tower
Two-story Yellow Crane mural inside Tower entrance
Carved wood furniture piece inside the Yellow Crane Tower
Mural in the Yellow Crane Tower
Model of an earlier Yellow Crane Tower
Park entryway
View of entryway from the tower
The Century Bell Pavillion
The Century Bell
Chinese inscription on a stone tablet
Part of the water feature in the park surrounding the Tower
Decorative rock formation displayed in the park
Some not so typical Chinese tourists
Jana & Alexandra with some bronze cranes in the park
"Market Street", that translates to tourist trap, outside the entrance to the Yellow Crane Tower grounds, more like an open shopping mall than a chinese market, the really fun markets were those away from most tourists.
Bust of Poet in Park below the Tower
View from Yellow Crane Tower