Capital of Hubei Province, Wuhan is an industrial city at  the confluence of  the Yangtze River and Hansui Rivers, on the Jianghai Plain. It is made up of the three former cities of Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. Wuchang was briefly the capital of the state of Wu in the 3rd century AD. Hanyang was founded during the Sui Dynasty. Until 1861, when the europeans established trading concessions there, Hankou was little more than a fishing village. Wuhan is where the first shots of the 1911 revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty were fired. Long an embarkation point for cruises on the Yangtze River through the picturesque Three Gorges, Wuhan has many historic sites that are worthy of a visit.
Monument in downtown Wuhan
A market street in Wuhan
High-rises in downtown Wuhan
East Lake Pagoda
Commercial Fishing on East Lake 
Pearl Factory retail salesroom
Public park
Restaurant featuring ethnic minority folk dancing
Downtown Wuhan at night
Feeding the pigeons in a public park
Vendors set up on a sidewalk in Wuhan
Downtown Wuhan, notice the man with two baskets on a pole 
Trying to get get away from a Tibetan street vendor in Wuhan, she literally grabbed me and hung on, much to the merriment of her fellow vendors. If you showed the slightest interest in anything they were selling several of them swarmed around you and made it difficult to get away. The hard sell approach was hard to get used to but the bargaining was fun.
Labelled trash containers in a Wuhan park, I guess something was lost in the translation, organism rubbish is obviously organic, but what would you be disposing of in a public park that is "poisonous and evil"?
Set of bronze bells from the tomb of Marquis Yi (died 433 BC) housed in the Hubei Provincial Museum along with many other artifacts from the tomb, an absolutely fabulous collection.
Public Park
Temple with smog enshrouded Downtown Wuhan in the background
Ornately carved wood door
Housing in Wuhan
Yangtze River Scene in Wuhan
Hong Shan Temple