Wuhan & Tuanfeng.
Downtown Wuhan
East Lake - Wuhan
Old Residential Area
Hubei Provincial Museum Courtyard
Zenghouyi Bells from the Tomb of the Marquis of Yi (circa 433 BC) Excavated in 1978
Ming Dynasty Gold Phoenix Hairpins - Hubei Provincial Museum
Hubei Provincial Museum Musical Performance Using Reproduced Zenghouyi Bells and Other Ancient Instruments
Yellow Crane Tower
Yellow Crane Mosaic in Interior of Yellow Crane Tower
View from Yellow Crane Tower
Changchun Taoist Temple - Wuhan
Altar in Changchun Taoist Temple - Wuhan
Tuanfeng Orphanage where Alexandra Lived Until adopted on Her Birthday at Age One
Meeting the couple who fostered Alexandra the first year of her life. The orphanage has apartments where couples foster three children at a time until they are adopted.
Mini-taxis in Tuanfeng
Modern flush squat toilet, notice the lack of toilet paper