Historic European Towns & Cities
Heidelberg, Germany Seen From Heidelberg Castle
Inn Built in 1610, Braubach, Germany
Narrow Half-Timber Building, Bad Wimpfens, Germany
Walled Town of Rothenburg, Germany
One of the Gates into the Walled Town of Rothenburg, Germany
Walkway on the Wall Around Rothenburg, Germany
Canal, Strasbourg, France
Half-Timber Buildings on Canal, Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg, France
Two Level Carousel, Strasbourg, France
Jana in Braubach, Germany
Ornate Half-timber Buildings, Hoexter, Germany
Some very out-of-plumb half-timber buildings, Bacharach, Germany
Christ Gate - Canterbury, England
Roman Lighthouse, Dover Castle, Dover, England
Cotswolds - Chipping Campden, England
Thatched Roof - Cotswolds - Chipping Campden, England
Hawes, Upper Wensleysdale, Yorkshire, England
Fowey, Cornwall, England