Shamian Island
Shamian Island is today a bastion of urban tranquility surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Guangzhou. Acquired by the British as a concession area after the Second Opium War, Shamian Island became a european trading center until 1949. Its beautiful park-like streets are lined with old distinctly european buildings, some of which have been restored and some of which are sadly in need of restoration. 
Some distinctly non-chinese architecture on Shamian Island
British Victorian architecture on Shamian Island
Boulevard Park
More Boulevard Park
Yet more boulevard park
Bronze statue of Victorian era Chinese and European businessmen
One of two chinese cannon forged at Foshan and used against the "imperial invaders" according to the inscription, they weigh 6,600 lbs. each.
River walk lit at night
Restaurant on Shamian Island where you can pick all your seafood live and have it cooked for you. The choices included many varieties of fish, crustaceans, snakes, turtles and such oddities as sea cucumber, as well as water bugs.
Here you look at your dinner and it looks back at you.
Some of the live fish offered and their prices.
Don't these look yummy, you can pick your own live water bugs.
Anyone know how to pick the best ones?
Skewered pupae, giant grasshoppers and scorpions
Stuffed intestines, they have to taste better than they look
Shamian Island Friendship Garden
Park along the Pearl River