Qingping Market
Qingping Market, north of Shamian Island, contains all the elements of Cantonese cooking and herbal medicine from A-Z. This market is not for the squeamish with its dried herbs and fungi, common and exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as anything edible that walks, flies, swims, slithers, or crawls. Here one finds live snakes, frogs, eels, fish, crustaceans, turtles, scorpions, ducks, chickens, other birds, rabbits, dogs, cats, goats, larvae, beetles, etc., in addition to every butchered part of these animals imaginable. Shops sell such diverse products as fresh chicken feet, fish heads, various animals innards, and anything else you can think of. The market is a maze of streets and alleyways open from dawn to after dusk. Getting deep into the market and away from the tourists on the outer fringe is the most rewarding way to experience this quintessential Chinese market.
A portion of the root and herb market on the outer fringe facing Shamian Island
More of the market facing Shamian Island, this is what most visitors see
Heading deeper into the market, this is where it starts to get interesting
The only traffic here is on foot or bicycles
Live scorpionsĀ 
Live snakes

More live snakes
Live frogs

Live birds
Rabbits, chickens and ducks
Plucked birds and bird feet (upper right)
Skinned goats being delivered by bicycle and motorcycle
Skinned goats and dogs for sale
Fish heads anyone?
Yum, more fish heads
Fresh meat of unknown origin
Delivering chickens by motorcycle
Market street with residences above
Narrow residential street within the market
Another market residential street
Everything is moved by hand here
Market stall selling herbs, roots and fungi
Dried fungi and other yummy goodies
No, those aren't carved walking sticks, they're a bundle of whole dried snakes
Skewering scorpions, yum yum!!!!
Dried ligament and bones
Live turtles for sale
Fresh fish
Fresh fish heads for sale
Dried sea horses