Hubei Provincial Museum
This museum is devoted almost exclusively to the finds from the tomb of the Marquis Yi, of the state of Zeng, who died in 433 BC, during the Warring States Period. The collection consists of
jade, lacquerware, weapons, bronze vessels, gold items, the Marquis' inner and outer coffins covered with early Zhou designs, 22 sacrificial coffins and many musical instruments. The outstanding piece of the collection is the magnificent set of  64 bronze bells on wooden racks supported by bronze soldiers. Performances are given in the auditorium on a reproduction set of 64 bells, along with stone chimes.
Bronze spearpoints
Ornate bronze wine vessel
Another ornate bronze wine vessel
Detail of wine vessel
Inlaid bronze vessel
Huge Bronze vessel
Large Bronze Urns
Carved white jade
Lacquered Dou (food vessel)
Set of stone chimes with bronze dragons stand
Set of 64 bronze bells
Detail of smaller bells and wood rack
Detail of larger bells and hangers
Detail of bronze leg base
Performance conducted with reproduction set of 64 bronze bells, stone chimes and other ancient chinese instruments
More of the performance 
The end of the performance
Marquis of Yi's lacquered wood inner coffin
Cast bronze vessels from the Tomb of the Marquis of Yi